Stress Management 101

Warning: Do not look at this while driving

Guess what? There is no law of the Universe that says we must check our phone, or feeds, or emails, or TV, or any of it. Do you recognize that all that clamor is seduction, enticing us to choose someone else’s side, someone else’s argument, someone else’s life?

Whose life is it anyway? This is our life. We are entitled to — no, we have the obligation to — live our lives in joy, delight, peacefulness, happiness.

That means we get to decide what delights us and then choose to live with only that, as much as possible. And we get to refuse to pay attention, as much as possible, to the stuff that makes us feel worried, scared, angry, judgmental, critical, powerless, not-enough, helpless.

Yes, we can — we really can! — stop paying attention to input that diminishes us. All we have to do is choose.

Pay the bills then release them from the mind, eat, sleep — and the rest of it is play.

We can make the choice to spend the time of our lives, the energy of our lives, nourishing ourselves with input that makes us laugh, and smile, and feel glad to be alive, and feel glad to be us.

We can choose input that helps us remember that we are beings of beauty and brilliance, benevolence and bravery.

Our Guides will help us to know the difference between the nourishing stuff and the diminishing stuff. They’ll help us recognize the icky feeling in our gut and the tensed muscles in our abdomen when we pay attention to what diminishes us. And They’ll help us recognize the relaxed, smooth feeling in our gut and our abdomen when we are feeding ourselves input that makes us feel wonderful.

Try it. Trust your body and trust your Guides to help. Trust the Universe to guide.

Breathe.. Relax. Trust. Choose happiness.

Even the Buddha takes a time-out. If the Buddha can tune out this well, and trust this much that Life will take care of the world, can we do less for ourselves?

Our natural condition, our divine presence in Life, is relaxation and delight, sweetness and trust. We can be that. All we have to do is set our intention to be that, and trust.

Breathe. Relax. Let go. Sit down. Be quiet. Be still. Be with our wonderful self.

Know that our Higher Self, Source, the Universe, our cosmic family — have our back. We are in good hands, and wings.