We are celestial. Spirit. Spiritual beings. We are of Up There, Out There. We came here to have a physical, human experience, an adventure, and to learn, to find out who we are and who we are capable of being. Spiritual beings having a human experience.

And so we are also of Earth. We signed up eagerly to do this human life thing. We slipped on this cloak of flesh and bones, thoughts and feelings.

And while we are visiting and experiencing here, Earth who gave us these bodies — Earth loves us. We are here to partake of the deliciousness of bodily, Earthly life.

Earth loves us. She is eager to nurture us and help us along, with air, food, stability, beauty, color, music, nature, comfort, expansion of consciousness.

Earth loves us. And when we fly too high, or sink too low, or stagnate, Earth always offers herself, like the true mother she is, to steady us, relieve us, help us up, help us feel worthy and full and light.

She is there to help us ground. We live here. We partake here. And so we are part of Earth. When we need help, we ground.

What Does “Grounding” Mean?

It means anchoring ourselves, anchoring our being, into the Earth who loves us. We attach ourselves to her, and thus have a place to be, to be held and to be safe. Earth is safe harbor.

Getting There: How to Ground

Be Tree. I think that this is the simplest and fastest way to anchor your being into the Earth. Be Tree. Be large Tree, here for ages, wise and strong, Tree who knows well the ways of the forest and the faeries and the Earth.

You can be a fanciful tree, if you like, a tree where foxes live and forest sprites meet to chat.

From your feet, in your mind grow roots, a long, strong, thick root system. Your roots are powerful and can reach forever.

Grow your roots down through the floor, the land under the building you’re in, the crust of the Earth, the layers under the crust, and finally to the center of Earth, the heart of living Gaia.

Yes, that’s molten, but you are in control of this trip so you can see the brightness of burning, flowing lava and not feel the heat. Your long, beautiful roots feel the warmth of Gaia’s heart, and it warms your feet.

The warmth, lit by a clear, calm red stream of light, travels up your roots, into your feet, your legs, your torso, and warms your body.

Feel your roots and the new warmth. Know that Earth loves you, that she is holding you steady and stable, and that you are in safe harbor.

Now you can reach out and stretch your branches and twigs and leaves, and you can do what you came into this stillness of Earth to do. Release anger and stress. Make sorrow melt away. Dissipate like dust confusion, frustration, impatience, boredom. Clear your mind, clear your feelings and your mood, let comfort and safety wash through you, let joy and love become you. Explore your imagination, explore the Universe.

Coming Back

When you have calmed your feelings, or when you are ready to come back from the explorations of your mind, remember your roots.

Feel your roots. In your mind, see your sweet, beautiful roots. In your mind, see your attention travel up your roots, into the tree trunk you are, up into your feet, up your legs, back into your body. And here you are again! Earthling, not- Earthling. Spirit residing in a body. Back in the room in which you started. Open your eyes. Ahh home!

What did you see? What did you uncover about yourself? Notice how much more relaxed you feel.

You can take this trip into Earth and into your mind any time you want to sit or lie down for a little while. Well, any time except when you’re driving, of course!

Grounding gets you there, Out There, Up There, into the Universe. And keeps you safe on Earth.

Be Tree. Look at how beautiful you are!