Doesn’t that look easy?  Could it really be that easy to do, to change an attitude, an expectation, an assumption, a belief?  To really change a way of being?


Okay, how?

By choosing.

This is the planet of free will.  We are the beings capable of constant self-expression.  And thus, we choose.  Every moment of our lives, we choose to like or dislike, to feel loving and warm or fearful and cold, to give or withhold, to enjoy or ignore or complain.

Choice.  It’s always ours.

Okay, if we want to choose to be lighter, more graceful, more compassionate, more merry, how do we do it?

First we ground.  In our last essay here titled “Grounding”, we figured out the easiest and most enjoyable way to do this.  So we know why and how how to ground.

Then we remember that all ideas and “outside” help come from “up there, out there” which we discussed in our very first essay here titled “Up There, Out There”.  So we know where to ask for help.

And — this is very important — we must remember that the things that seem so difficult to change in us, may be leftover beliefs and patterns from other lifetimes.  We looked at that in great depth in the essay here titled “What Do You Remember?”  So now we know that we may be dragging old, useless baggage with us, and the attitudes, expectations, assumptions and beliefs we’d like to change now may have come from another time, other circumstances.  And we no longer benefit from them, so we’re ready to change them.  So we know that now we are an independent agent, always painting a new picture in which to live.

Than we relax.  Look at those lovely animals in our essay here titled “Stress Management 101”.  Be like them.  Chill.



Ask up-there for help.

And choose.

Choose one thing at a time that we want to change.  Just one.  More than that and we’ll trip over the debris!  Just one keeps the picture we want to paint clear, simple, attractive, achievable.

Choose.  Choose to be what prefer to be.  Put it into words.

Don’t word-up what we don’t want to be.  The less we put our energy on what we don’t want, the less that trait will show up.

To choose well, to choose strongly, to choose happily with intention, put our energy on what we want to be.  Put it into a sentence in the present tense.

“I am patient.”

“I am kind.”

“I have a merry sense of humor.”

“I enjoy the interesting new things that pop into my life to help me grow.”

Speak your sentence out loud.  What we say out loud becomes our reality.  Use your voice to shape your life.

Then make a picture of that idea in the mind.

Say the sentence and see the picture at the same time.

Do this every day for five or ten minutes, alone, quietly, with no interruptions, just you with you and the up-there.  Five minutes a day.  We can do that.

The sentence is an affirmation.  It’s also a prayer.  The picture is clarity, intention.  The Universe will get your message and your Spirit Guides and Angels will understand clearly how They can help you.  And They will help you to become that which you are intending and affirming.

Humans seem to benefit best from 21 days of repetition to end something old, or to start something new.  Try it.  Don’t worry if it seems to be taking longer for that specific intention, because while we’re working on that one, other lovely, expansive changes will begin in us and we will be aware of them.  We’ll find ourselves laughing more, smiling more, becoming gentler and stronger at the same time, and more relaxed about just being us.

Choose.  It works.  What we choose and what we put our energy and attention to is what we draw to us.  True true true.  We can achieve what we direct our energy to.  Or as our moms said, “Practice”.