Ready — Set — Start, again.

How to do intentions,

some of which are called “resolutions”

Good ‘ol New Year resolutions, eh?!  Sometimes they just sort of disappear, don’t they?

That’s okay.  It’s okay to get bored, to forget, to change our minds, to change our goals.  All that is part of the glorious interwoven fabric of the fascinating and beautiful being we are.  It’s okay to toss resolutions, as long as we don’t choose to feel guilty about it.  Guilt rends the fabric.  Toss, and be proud that we are growing and becoming.

I never make New Year resolutions because the Gregorian calendar has nothing to do with me.  My year begins on my birthday, when the energies of who I am are beginning again, are strong and optimistic again, and my world is brand new and ready to manifest new ideas.

So I make birthday intentions.  They tell me to think lovingly and caringly about who I am and how I want to blossom.

Usually I form only two or three big, shining, wondrous, visualized intentions.  Since I’ve thought about them and felt about them for a couple of months, I really have already opened those pathways, in my brain, in my heart, in the direction of my life.

Intentions.  “I intend to…”  “I intend to be…”  “I intend that I shall…”  Those statements within me do express what I want, as resolutions also do.  But intentions seem to me to be deeper, more intense, more meaningful than usual resolutions.  “I intend to be…”  Strong!  Purposeful!  Filled with desire, and love for me, and love for how I show up in the world.

Yes!  The dream I have of me, the dream I live for me.  Getting from the me who is one bud, to the me I intend to be as a colorful, blossoming garden!

Ever notice that almost everything on Earth takes time?  Well, except lightning, and falling in love at first sight.  Intentions take time to manifest, take time to become part of who we live ourselves to be every day, take time to make themselves snuggle into every cell.

Take the time to become our intention.  Allow ourselves to become bored, or want more, or tweak the intention until it feels like a really good fit.  Take time to let us become who we want to be.  Nourish and nurture how we see ourselves.  Cherish who we are and who we are becoming.

Treat ourselves with gentleness, with kindness.  There’s time to grow into our intentions.  And while we’re doing that, we can pat ourselves on the back a thousand times a day, in praise and love, for how well we’re learning to tend our inner garden grow.