“Opposites attract.”

What is love, anyway? – 1

How Things Seem

We love each other.   Whether or not we say that in words, it’s true. Yet we seem so different, don’t we?

What those differences actually mean is that we have different skills in our Third Dimensional, Earthly human lives.  And we’ve brought with us into this incarnation different inclinations.

You are tall and I am short.  You talk; I write.  You run; I lollygag.  You love coffee, and coffee makes me gag.  You enjoy being scientific and linear.  I enjoy being poetic. and meandering.   You love beaches; I love forests.  You jump in; I snuggle up.  You wake up at dawn.  I go to sleep at dawn.  You’re slim.  I’m, well, not slim.  You’re spare and meticulous.  I, well, I really do know where everything is.  You’re an avid athlete.  I’m an avid couch potato.  And these are only the beginning of our differences.


Love?  What are we talking about here?  How can such different people “meet” at the equidistance?

Let’s get back to absolute basics.  We’re going deeply into the weeds here, into the nature of being.  Come along to really know what life and love are.

How Things Really Are


Everything that exists is energy.   There is nothing that exists that is not energy.   Humans, insects, clouds, planets, a horse of course, vegetables, desks, dictionaries, dust, grass, gravy, thoughts, feelings, dreams, music, color, life.  Everything is energy.

Vibration and Frequency

Energy exists as vibration.  Energy is vibration.  That which is not vibration does not exist, so you can count on everything you are and everything you experience as being vibration.  From mountains to molehills, migraines and math and methods, everything is energy is vibration.

Vibration has frequency.  98.3 Hertz, 10,362 Hertz,  706 Hertz.  Frequency, identifiable and measurable.  Everything that exists has a particular, unique frequency.  Identical twins, identical factory products, are unique, individual beings and thus each exists as vibration and is its own particular, unique frequency.

So everything that exists, exists as vibrational frequency.

This means that you are vibration, you are a vibrational frequency.  You are vibrating (existing) as the you (fill in your name here) frequency.  I exist as the Lora frequency.  Particular and unique.  Nothing that has ever existed in the Universe, that exists now, and that ever will exist eternally, is the same vibrational frequency.  Unique.

This fundamental fact of the Universe shows up in at least two sayings that we’re familiar with.

“Spiritual” Beings

First, we are spiritual beings — energy, vibration –having a human experience — physical, material, flesh, sleepiness, hunger, anger, the senses of touch and hearing.  Now we know that everything else besides us that exists is also a spiritual being, energy, vibration, from roses and the trellis on which they grow, to giraffes and the moons of Jupiter.

For a playful example, look at what this knowledge opens up in our understanding of life!  A line I will quote from my 2019 book I Am The Song shows “The moonlight comes riding on the thoughts of owls, touching everything”.  How many energies can you count in that line?  Moonlight.  Comes.  Riding.  Thoughts.  Owls.  Touching.  Everything.


The second familiar saying is that you are unique. You are a vibrational frequency.  The frequencies of radio and television broadcasts show us that only one program or broadcast can exist on a frequency at a time.  Because every vibration is unique, and only you are your frequency.  (There’s only one exception to this cosmic fact, Twin Flames.  They are energetically, cosmically, more than identical.  Twin Flames are the same being who has chosen to manifest physically in two different bodies.  They are thus the same vibration, the same vibrational frequency.  They are only physically unique. But that’s a subject for another time.)

So every human, every pencil, every blueberry is unique because it exists, which is vibration, and thus it is its own frequency.

Describing Frequencies

What is the nature of the frequency of a being?  Is it high?  Is it low?  In humans, our values determine what our frequency is.

If we value and live — focus on —  integrity, honor, grace, kindness, joy, gentleness, clarity, simplicity, being harmless and peaceful, openhearted love, our frequency is higher than normal and grows higher as we continue to live in positive values.

Humans who live in lower, dense, base frequencies are valuing and living fear, anger, resentment, control, manipulation, deceit, rudeness, ridicule, intimidation, sadness, victimization and other negative values.

Since what we value is always a choice we make, we can change what we value, change how we live, and raise our frequency.

Sum, yum

Okay. We are not, and nothing else is, physical, material beings.  We are, and everything else is, energy, which is vibration, which flows as frequency.  We have simply chosen to visit here on Earth for a while, wearing the costume of flesh and  opinions, in order to spend an adventure learning who we are and how to raise our frequency.

Prove For Yourself:  Frequencies of Harmony and Dissonance

This is so cool!  You can prove for yourself that everything is energy, and you can test it out all the time!

Who are the people, animals, places, objects with whom you have the most fun, with whom you feel safe and at home?  Those beings are vibrational frequencies close to your own.  You and they are in harmony.  Yes, just like music.  Or color.  The energy that such beings are, nourishes you.

The people, animals, places, objects you’ve met, or worked with, or encounter on social media or TV who make you feel angry, afraid, who make your belly tighten up, who make you feel smaller or violent, are beings whose vibrational frequencies are dissonant, destructive to your frequency.

It’s just that simple.  In relationships, physical differences are trivia — interesting, useful, helpful, but trivia.  The physical is surface, Third Dimensional, a costume we’re wearing.  The quality of the energy is the essence., our multi-Dimensional selves, our spiritual selves.  Similarities attract, understand each other, give each other a place of peace, freedom, fun and supportiveness.  Home.  So the only thing that really matters about what you put into your life is frequency, how relaxed and happy you feel when you’re around others.   Support your right to live in joy — choose beings and objects which nourish you.

I fly with the wings you help me open.  You fly with the wings I help you open.