The Particle And The Wave, A Love Story

What is love, anyway? – 2

March 22, 2021


Hi, kids!  Like almost everyone, I’m not a diploma’d physicist.  So I’m not going to go all quantum mechanical here.  I promise!

The last time we met, we talked about how everything that exists is energy, and how everything that exists is a frequency, its own specific frequency.

Today, kids, we’re going to look at how physical objects, such as you and I, express the energy that we are.  There are two choices, Waves and Particles.

I must warn you that this look at wave-particle duality is rather fanciful, or mystical — and hugely practical.  Hang on!

Since my options are being Wave or being Particle, how do I choose?  Well, my purpose in life is joy, delight, enthusiasm, simplicity, clarity, calmness, harmlessness, effortlessness, love.  So ideally I see myself as Wave.  Humming Wave, in a world of a lot of Particles, and, when I am living in joy and attract them to me, a lot of Waves.

That’s me, right there in the picture, that lovely Wave.  This is how I feel when I’m meditating, or gazing at the Moon, or holding a cat, or listening to music.  This is how I like to want to be, all flowy and smooth and calm and beautiful, and of course elegant.  Humming through life, gentle and kind, cheerful and happy.  Choosing joy, giving joy, being joy.  Choosing what makes my heart sing, what makes me love myself.  And so being able to give love to others.  Wave me, nourishing my true, authentic self-esteem, keeping my energy humming in love, raising my frequency, loving loving loving.

This is how I feel when I’m writing, or laughing, or singing, or loving.  And the more loving and joy-filled the choices I make for me, the merrier my energy becomes, and the merrier my rising frequency becomes, and the more energy of substantial comfort and assistance I have that I can give to others.  The stronger and more beautiful my inner knowing of myself becomes, the more love and healing I can radiate into the world.

Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it?  Well, it’s a choice.  Everything we feel and think, say and do, is a choice…  We’re in control.


So what happens when a Particle comes along, something that might trip us up, jolt us out of this lovely harmony with ourselves and the Universe?  A red light.  A rude person.  Bills to pay.  Not winning the lottery for the zillionth time.  A bounced check.  Rent payment.  A deeply sad memory.  Not knowing how to do something. Spilling the food onto the floor. A fear.  Particles show up.

Just how annoying am I willing to let the Particle be?  No, the real question is:  just how distracted from my Waveness, my happiness, am I willing to allow myself to become?  How much am I willing to allow anything that’s not me to control my feelings, my thoughts, my life?

Do I burst into flames?  Or do I burst into flowers?


Do I remain my Wavey me?  Or do I crash and become an energy I don’t enjoy being?

Do you see how you are energy?  How you experience yourself as energy?  How others experience your energy?  How you control your feelings, your emotional choices, and therefore your life?

We make the choice of how we feel, in every moment.  And when we make a choice that doesn’t feel happy, we can stop and replace the thought and the feeling that make us smaller, with a thought and a feeling that make us feel alive and right to be living our life.  The choice of love, love for self, love for our life.  Love.

We Wave.  We flow.  And here comes trouble.  (I used to know of a wonderful cat named Here Comes Trouble!)  When a Particle shows up, what I do is notice the Particle, observe it, decide how I will be in this encounter, and choose who I am.  Being Wave is a little rough at first, but it gets easier with practice, like anything we want to achieve.  When a Particle comes my way, I get to choose to be flowy and smooth, beautiful and elegant, loving of me, loving of life which just gave me that opportunity to prove to myself that I am worthy of the best, including my own love.

I want to stay a Wave, that strong, sweet, wavy Wave riding high.  So my job — actually, my delight — is to choose responses to Particles that make me feel divine, heavenly, lovely, calm, harmless, effortless.  And alive, for the best of me that I can be in any moment.  Loving me.  Being my Wave, loving me, loving my presence in life  and looking forward to the next interesting thing that will come along.  Trusting me that I will know when I feel flowing, I will know how to stay Wave.

I fly with the wings you help me open.  You fly with the wings I help you open.