Me First

What is love, anyway? – 3

April 22, 2021


We are shining beings who came to Earth wrapped in Waves of music and Waves of color, to dance as lightning and sing as starlight.  We came here to create our joy.  Happiness is so much fun, isn’t it?  It feels as though we were born to live our life in smiles and laughter, doesn’t it?  We feel as though lights of many colors sparkle and shimmer in our mind, in our heart, in our body, even in the air just behind that tree branch and beside that cloud.  If we had a place to put our shoes where we wouldn’t forget them, we could fly!!

We cannot pour from an empty cup…  What we cannot give, we cannot attract to us.  What we are is exactly what we attract to us…

So, kids, you’ve heard the expression to be pecked to death by ducks.  What does that mean?

Sit up straight.  Take your elbows off the table.  Stop fidgeting.  Stop daydreaming.  If you paid more attention, you’d get it right.  Oh grow up.  You get disappointed because your expectations are too high.  You want too much.  Stop being selfish.   Everyone else settles; why don’t you?  Stop making so much noise.  You can’t do that.  You’re acting like a child.  Be quiet.  Wait your turn.  Nobody asked you.  Because I said so.  Stop asking so many questions.  Stop laughing.  That’s a stupid idea.  You’re wrong.   How many times do I have to tell you?  Stop crying.  Big girls don’t cry.  Boys don’t cry.  Men don’t cry.  Grow up.  I don’t want to hear about it.  It’s not important.  Get over it.  You don’t really feel that way.  You’ll forget all about it by next week.  You have to work hard to get what you want.  You’re not going to wear that are you?  You can’t trust people.  If you want to be happy you have to fit in.  Why can’t you fit in like everyone else?

Pecked to death.  Fenced in on all sides by a thousand such dead-end limiting beliefs about self, about life, what’s a child to think?  I can’t.  I don’t seem able to understand.  I don’t know how, and don’t know how to know how.   I don’t belong here.  Why can’t I be the way they want me to be?  I’m just not enough.

What’s an adult to think?  It’s always going to be like this, isn’t it?  Isn’t there anything more?  I wish I belonged somewhere.  It’s too late.  Why can’t they be happy that I am who I am?  I’m just not enough.  Is it too late?

Where did the colors go?  We’re practiced at making chitchat, jokes that amuse others, grilling and baking tricks that distract us all.  We’re practiced at making ourselves believe that perks and payments and performance evaluations are somehow satisfying.  We’re practiced at deflecting our attention from the colors, the lights, the delight of feeling merry, the madness and glee of feeling that we belong in our life.

Preventing, we try to live.  Pretending, we try to live.

Where is that shining being who came to Earth wrapped in Waves of music and Waves of color, to dance as lightning and sing as starlight?

We still are those shining, beautiful, worthy beings!

“You are everything you have ever dreamed of being.  You dreamed it all, and so it is all you,” wrote a fabulous and magical seer, me!   It’s true it’s true it’s true!  We can find our way into being our dreams, find our way back to who we truly came to Earth to be, and love ourselves and live our lives in a state of graceful joy!  I know, because I did it.  I lived for such a long time not laughing and not goofy and not me, and now I’m all that.  So I know that anyone can do it.  There are many paths, and some of them show happy results in clarity and joy the very first day.

Stay tuned, kids, to the I Must Be A Mushroom blog.  Our next episode will be a kind of Vision Quest.  Our vision will be our joyful, flying real self, and our quest will talk about ways to find that shining being.  Next time be sure to wear your magical flying outfit!

“Get your head out of the clouds!”  NEVER!!!