The Me I Am

What is love, anyway? – 4

May 22, 2021


We’re all wearing our magical flying outfits, right?  Okay, let’s continue.

In order to love anyone or anything, we love ourselves first — because in order to pour something from the cup to give to others we must have something in the cup to pour.  To give love, we must first be love.

Me comes first, and then everything else becomes possible.  We tend our own garden, plant beautiful ideas and feelings about ourselves, weed out the negative, limiting ideas we have about ourselves, none of which is real or true because it’s all Earthly, Third Dimensional insults and limiting beliefs.  (Earth is, remember, a school, a place to learn who we are, a place where we shape our ability to actually understand who we truly are, and a place to choose who we want to be..  Having pulled and discarded the weeds in our patterns of belief about ourselves — we can then replace the weeds with a clear, clean, colorful, blossoming garden rich in love for the me, in other words the joy of being, which we can then share with others.

Today’s playground, kids, is designed to show us what we truly are — past the hairstyle, the trim or untrim body, the job, the taxes, the rent, the grocery list, the rudeness of strangers and family, the sweetness of birdsong, the lovely depths of the beloved’s eyes.

All of that is the adventure we’re having in the Third Dimension, on Earth, sojourning for a while as a human.  We are not human.  We are sojourning as humans — in order to expand and become more than we were when we came here to Earth.  To become more.  To expand.  To get to the point at which the body and the rent and the rudenesses are basically irrelevant, because they are not the essence of what we are.

Okay, then what is “me”?  “Me” is the physical manifestation of the aspect of All, that is playing this game.  Eh??  “Me” is the Universe walking around on my feet.

That’s really really important, so let’s say that again.  “Me” is the physical manifestation of the aspect of All, that is playing this game.  So I, Lora, am the Lora aspect of All.  Try that on for size.  The your name here aspect of All.  Think of All as a hologram.  Remove you and there is no anything.  Hmmm, have you ever realized how critical and integral you are to All That Is?  Without your name here, there is no All.  You matter absolutely, unconditionally, eternally. Without you there can be no hologram.  Wow…

That’s why we say that we are spiritual beings, in other words energy, spirit, expressing as vibration, identifiable as frequency.  The Lora frequency, and the your name here frequency.

That’s our true, eternal identity.  Energy.  “Me” is a vibrational frequency.

Knowing what I really am is the foundation of being able to love myself.

This is the way animals and birds see us, and plants and trees and stones.  This is the way they all see each other.  This is the way non-physical beings, like Angels, see us and each other and everything that is, like planets and the space between planets.

This is why you know that someone you’ve just met is, or is not, good for you — energy communicates with energy, theirs with yours, and yours with theirs.  This is what falling in love, or in fear, at first sight is all about, energy communicating with energy.  Energy, the reality, the essence of everything.

So let’s see ourselves as the Universe sees us, as Source, All, Creation, God, Isness, Consciousness, sees us.  How our Guides and Angels, our Higher Self, our ancestors and pets who have left us, see us.  Play the game below and choose to be what feels wonderful to you.  In the moments of your life, remember that you  are so much more than the expression on your face or the tone of your voice.  You are an aspect of All That Is, the unique and magnificent vibrational frequency that is you.  And you get to choose, in every moment, what you “look” like, what you are being…



Flowing with a new idea.


Happily slow-dancing.  Reading.  Gazing at the Moon.  Making love slowly.


Getting angry at my computer.




Feeling, and receiving, compassion, love, gratitude, kindness, appreciation, peace.  Feeling courageous.  Remembering and enjoying something I really love about me or someone else.


Letting what other people say and do pollute my joy and peace.  Ditto traffic, weather, prices, waiting in long lines, noise, getting impatient about how others drive.  Getting sick.   Sadness.  Feeling sorry for myself, blah blah blah…


Choosing to stop my hurt or anger or fear, to bring myself back to my state of joy and peace.


Having a fabulous breakthrough idea.  Suddenly understanding something hugely important.  Suddenly seeing a new future.  Making love.  Playing.


Living life being happy me.


The me my cats and plants like best.


Tune in next time when we see how to reconcile our spiritual presence in the world with our physical presence in the world, how to integrate these realities into one whole being, the me who can love me, the me who does love me, the me who understands why I am the way I am.  The me who loves.  The me who is love.  Be sure to wear again your magical flying outfit!