I, Dreammaker

What is love, anyway? – 5

June 22, 2021


I make my life. I am the one who creates the thoughts, and the feelings, and the words, and the actions that add up to life. I am the one who knew long ago that I would bring to life newness and the shape of my own uniqueness. I am the one who changes the world — because I am the one who dreams.

I am everything I have ever dreamed of being. I dreamed it all, and so it is all me. I am the one who changes the world into the shapes, and the colors, and the music, and the brightness of my dreams for me.

I am the one who makes dreams come true. I am the one who came to this lifetime to be different from who I ever was before. I am the one whom the world has never seen, and now here I am, able to take the first step and the second and the hundredth to become the bright and shining me who lights up the world and loves being alive.

I did not come here to hide, or pretend, or look like everyone else. I came to create a new world, one that will make me smile and laugh and be delighted to be me.

I, the dreammaker, am changing history, changing the Universe, changing Isness to look like me. I, the dreammaker, am making every choice I can in order to be everything I love and admire and am happy to offer to others.

I, Dreammaker, bring sweetness and powerfulness and fun and laughter to light the world. And in living what I dream I am, I give others hope that they too can live their dream.

I, Dreammaker, love me for being my truth and thus showing others that they can be their truth. And when we are all living our truth, and loving who we are, we hear the words in birdsong and the love in every human word.

I, Dreammaker, bring the magic. I am the magic. I create life that has never existed before. I become the frequency of joy. I become the frequency of Love.