About Lora

How can someone whose eyesight is so limited that she can hardly read, write a book? — especially one like this, rich in sensory experience.  For years I shook my fist at the sky because I cannot see clearly forms and features, the physical.  In time I found that, instead, I am guided by the Universe to see and know the soul, the essence, the truth of things, by seeing them through my soul.  Not eye-sight, but

in-sight.  Not physical but spiritual reality, consciousness — which we can all see and know by changing what we expect to see…  Not surface, but substance seen through our soul, which means seeing through the eyes of Source.  I Am The Song proves that we can learn to see like that, and when we do life becomes magical and delicious.

“I want to know everything,” I announced at age seven.  Decades later, now I know that choosing is everything — choosing how we see and understand reality, choosing intention, joy, forgiveness and love.

I’ve learned as singer, dancer, pianist, performer on stage, TV and radio, teacher, scholar, painter, mystic, author of short stories and poetry, advertising, travel and transcultural writer and editor, simultaneous interpreter, real estate agent, rural photographer, long-time resident of Japan and the U.S., short-time resident of Canada and Peru.

I am a Reiki Master healer, clairvoyant psychic, animal medium, spiritual counselor, cat whisperer and Earthbender.  As an instrument of divine love and healing in the world, it is my honor and joy to share in clients’ journeys of transcendence.