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The Particle And The Wave, A Love Story

What is love, anyway? – 2 Hi, kids!  Like almost everyone, I’m not a diploma’d physicist.  So I’m not going to go all quantum mechanical here.  I promise! The last time we met, we talked about how everything that exists is energy, and how everything that exists is a frequency, its own specific frequency. Today, […]

“Opposites attract.”

What is love, anyway? – 1 How Things Seem We love each other.   Whether or not we say that in words, it’s true. Yet we seem so different, don’t we? What those differences actually mean is that we have different skills in our Third Dimensional, Earthly human lives.  And we’ve brought with us into this […]

Ready — Set — Start, again.

How to do intentions, some of which are called “resolutions” Good ‘ol New Year resolutions, eh?!  Sometimes they just sort of disappear, don’t they? That’s okay.  It’s okay to get bored, to forget, to change our minds, to change our goals.  All that is part of the glorious interwoven fabric of the fascinating and beautiful […]