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I, Dreammaker

What is love, anyway? – 5 June 22, 2021   I make my life. I am the one who creates the thoughts, and the feelings, and the words, and the actions that add up to life. I am the one who knew long ago that I would bring to life newness and the shape of […]

The Me I Am

What is love, anyway? – 4 May 22, 2021   We’re all wearing our magical flying outfits, right?  Okay, let’s continue. In order to love anyone or anything, we love ourselves first — because in order to pour something from the cup to give to others we must have something in the cup to pour.  […]

Me First

What is love, anyway? – 3 April 22, 2021   We are shining beings who came to Earth wrapped in Waves of music and Waves of color, to dance as lightning and sing as starlight.  We came here to create our joy.  Happiness is so much fun, isn’t it?  It feels as though we were […]

The Particle And The Wave, A Love Story

What is love, anyway? – 2 March 22, 2021   Hi, kids!  Like almost everyone, I’m not a diploma’d physicist.  So I’m not going to go all quantum mechanical here.  I promise! The last time we met, we talked about how everything that exists is energy, and how everything that exists is a frequency, its […]

“Opposites attract.”

What is love, anyway? – 1 February 22, 2021   How Things Seem We love each other.   Whether or not we say that in words, it’s true. Yet we seem so different, don’t we? What those differences actually mean is that we have different skills in our Third Dimensional, Earthly human lives.  And we’ve brought […]

Ready — Set — Start, again.

How to do intentions, some of which are called “resolutions” January 22, 2021   Good ‘ol New Year resolutions, eh?!  Sometimes they just sort of disappear, don’t they? That’s okay.  It’s okay to get bored, to forget, to change our minds, to change our goals.  All that is part of the glorious interwoven fabric of […]