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Peace: It’s Always A Choice

The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them. – Isaiah 11:6 Change and become like little children…  –  Matthew 18:3 Rewrite your definitions of how people should be together. Rewrite your belief […]


Doesn’t that look easy?  Could it really be that easy to do, to change an attitude, an expectation, an assumption, a belief?  To really change a way of being? Yes. Okay, how? By choosing. This is the planet of free will.  We are the beings capable of constant self-expression.  And thus, we choose.  Every moment […]


We are celestial. Spirit. Spiritual beings. We are of Up There, Out There. We came here to have a physical, human experience, an adventure, and to learn, to find out who we are and who we are capable of being. Spiritual beings having a human experience. And so we are also of Earth. We signed […]

Stress Management 101

Warning: Do not look at this while driving Guess what? There is no law of the Universe that says we must check our phone, or feeds, or emails, or TV, or any of it. Do you recognize that all that clamor is seduction, enticing us to choose someone else’s side, someone else’s argument, someone else’s life? […]

What Do You Remember?

The fragrances of ancient memories that you see in your dreams We never forget, not really. We bring it all with us, always, all the lifetimes we’ve lived, all the talents, all the memories, the definitions and assumptions and expectations we’ve developed. The emotions we felt. The beliefs we held. They languish and lurk, deep […]

Up There, Out There

Where do babies come from? Where does light come from? Where do extraterrestrials come from? Where do UFO spaceships come from? Where do our power animals come from? Where do dragons come from? Where do dreams come from? Where do angels and archangels come from? Where do gods come from? Where do other deities come […]