The Particle And The Wave, A Love Story

What is love, anyway? – 2

Hi, kids!  Like almost everyone, I’m not a diploma’d physicist.  So I’m not going to go all quantum mechanical here.  I promise!

The last time we met, we talked about how everything that exists is energy, and how everything that exists is a frequency, its own specific frequency.

Today, kids, we’re going to look at how physical objects, such as you and I, express the energy that we are.  There are two choices, Waves and Particles.

I must warn you that this look at wave-particle duality is rather fanciful, or mystical — and hugely practical.  Hang on!

Since my options are being Wave or being Particle, how do I choose?  Well, my purpose in life is joy, delight, enthusiasm, simplicity, clarity, calmness, harmlessness, effortlessness, love.  So ideally I see myself as Wave.  Humming Wave, in a world of a lot of Particles, and, when I am living in joy and attract them to me, a lot of Waves.

That’s me, right there in the picture, that lovely Wave.  This is how I feel when I’m meditating, or gazing at the Moon, or holding a cat, or listening to music.  This is how I like to want to be, all flowy and smooth and calm and beautiful, and of course elegant.  Humming through life, gentle and kind, cheerful and happy.  Choosing joy, giving joy, being joy.  Choosing what makes my heart sing, what makes me love myself.  And so being able to give love to others.  Wave me, nourishing my true, authentic self-esteem, keeping my energy humming in love, raising my frequency, loving loving loving.

This is how I feel when I’m writing, or laughing, or singing, or loving.  And the more loving and joy-filled the choices I make for me, the merrier my energy becomes, and the merrier my rising frequency becomes, and the more energy of substantial comfort and assistance I have that I can give to others.  The stronger and more beautiful my inner knowing of myself becomes, the more love and healing I can radiate into the world.

Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it?  Well, it’s a choice.  Everything we feel and think, say and do, is a choice…  We’re in control.


So what happens when a Particle comes along, something that might trip us up, jolt us out of this lovely harmony with ourselves and the Universe?  A red light.  A rude person.  Bills to pay.  Not winning the lottery for the zillionth time.  A bounced check.  Rent payment.  A deeply sad memory.  Not knowing how to do something. Spilling the food onto the floor. A fear.  Particles show up.

Just how annoying am I willing to let the Particle be?  No, the real question is:  just how distracted from my Waveness, my happiness, am I willing to allow myself to become?  How much am I willing to allow anything that’s not me to control my feelings, my thoughts, my life?

Do I burst into flames?  Or do I burst into flowers?


Do I remain my Wavey me?  Or do I crash and become an energy I don’t enjoy being?

Do you see how you are energy?  How you experience yourself as energy?  How others experience your energy?  How you control your feelings, your emotional choices, and therefore your life?

We make the choice of how we feel, in every moment.  And when we make a choice that doesn’t feel happy, we can stop and replace the thought and the feeling that make us smaller, with a thought and a feeling that make us feel alive and right to be living our life.  The choice of love, love for self, love for our life.  Love.

We Wave.  We flow.  And here comes trouble.  (I used to know of a wonderful cat named Here Comes Trouble!)  When a Particle shows up, what I do is notice the Particle, observe it, decide how I will be in this encounter, and choose who I am.  Being Wave is a little rough at first, but it gets easier with practice, like anything we want to achieve.  When a Particle comes my way, I get to choose to be flowy and smooth, beautiful and elegant, loving of me, loving of life which just gave me that opportunity to prove to myself that I am worthy of the best, including my own love.

I want to stay a Wave, that strong, sweet, wavy Wave riding high.  So my job — actually, my delight — is to choose responses to Particles that make me feel divine, heavenly, lovely, calm, harmless, effortless.  And alive, for the best of me that I can be in any moment.  Loving me.  Being my Wave, loving me, loving my presence in life  and looking forward to the next interesting thing that will come along.  Trusting me that I will know when I feel flowing, I will know how to stay Wave.

I fly with the wings you help me open.  You fly with the wings I help you open.


“Opposites attract.”

What is love, anyway? – 1

How Things Seem

We love each other.   Whether or not we say that in words, it’s true. Yet we seem so different, don’t we?

What those differences actually mean is that we have different skills in our Third Dimensional, Earthly human lives.  And we’ve brought with us into this incarnation different inclinations.

You are tall and I am short.  You talk; I write.  You run; I lollygag.  You love coffee, and coffee makes me gag.  You enjoy being scientific and linear.  I enjoy being poetic. and meandering.   You love beaches; I love forests.  You jump in; I snuggle up.  You wake up at dawn.  I go to sleep at dawn.  You’re slim.  I’m, well, not slim.  You’re spare and meticulous.  I, well, I really do know where everything is.  You’re an avid athlete.  I’m an avid couch potato.  And these are only the beginning of our differences.


Love?  What are we talking about here?  How can such different people “meet” at the equidistance?

Let’s get back to absolute basics.  We’re going deeply into the weeds here, into the nature of being.  Come along to really know what life and love are.

How Things Really Are


Everything that exists is energy.   There is nothing that exists that is not energy.   Humans, insects, clouds, planets, a horse of course, vegetables, desks, dictionaries, dust, grass, gravy, thoughts, feelings, dreams, music, color, life.  Everything is energy.

Vibration and Frequency

Energy exists as vibration.  Energy is vibration.  That which is not vibration does not exist, so you can count on everything you are and everything you experience as being vibration.  From mountains to molehills, migraines and math and methods, everything is energy is vibration.

Vibration has frequency.  98.3 Hertz, 10,362 Hertz,  706 Hertz.  Frequency, identifiable and measurable.  Everything that exists has a particular, unique frequency.  Identical twins, identical factory products, are unique, individual beings and thus each exists as vibration and is its own particular, unique frequency.

So everything that exists, exists as vibrational frequency.

This means that you are vibration, you are a vibrational frequency.  You are vibrating (existing) as the you (fill in your name here) frequency.  I exist as the Lora frequency.  Particular and unique.  Nothing that has ever existed in the Universe, that exists now, and that ever will exist eternally, is the same vibrational frequency.  Unique.

This fundamental fact of the Universe shows up in at least two sayings that we’re familiar with.

“Spiritual” Beings

First, we are spiritual beings — energy, vibration –having a human experience — physical, material, flesh, sleepiness, hunger, anger, the senses of touch and hearing.  Now we know that everything else besides us that exists is also a spiritual being, energy, vibration, from roses and the trellis on which they grow, to giraffes and the moons of Jupiter.

For a playful example, look at what this knowledge opens up in our understanding of life!  A line I will quote from my 2019 book I Am The Song shows “The moonlight comes riding on the thoughts of owls, touching everything”.  How many energies can you count in that line?  Moonlight.  Comes.  Riding.  Thoughts.  Owls.  Touching.  Everything.


The second familiar saying is that you are unique. You are a vibrational frequency.  The frequencies of radio and television broadcasts show us that only one program or broadcast can exist on a frequency at a time.  Because every vibration is unique, and only you are your frequency.  (There’s only one exception to this cosmic fact, Twin Flames.  They are energetically, cosmically, more than identical.  Twin Flames are the same being who has chosen to manifest physically in two different bodies.  They are thus the same vibration, the same vibrational frequency.  They are only physically unique. But that’s a subject for another time.)

So every human, every pencil, every blueberry is unique because it exists, which is vibration, and thus it is its own frequency.

Describing Frequencies

What is the nature of the frequency of a being?  Is it high?  Is it low?  In humans, our values determine what our frequency is.

If we value and live — focus on —  integrity, honor, grace, kindness, joy, gentleness, clarity, simplicity, being harmless and peaceful, openhearted love, our frequency is higher than normal and grows higher as we continue to live in positive values.

Humans who live in lower, dense, base frequencies are valuing and living fear, anger, resentment, control, manipulation, deceit, rudeness, ridicule, intimidation, sadness, victimization and other negative values.

Since what we value is always a choice we make, we can change what we value, change how we live, and raise our frequency.

Sum, yum

Okay. We are not, and nothing else is, physical, material beings.  We are, and everything else is, energy, which is vibration, which flows as frequency.  We have simply chosen to visit here on Earth for a while, wearing the costume of flesh and  opinions, in order to spend an adventure learning who we are and how to raise our frequency.

Prove For Yourself:  Frequencies of Harmony and Dissonance

This is so cool!  You can prove for yourself that everything is energy, and you can test it out all the time!

Who are the people, animals, places, objects with whom you have the most fun, with whom you feel safe and at home?  Those beings are vibrational frequencies close to your own.  You and they are in harmony.  Yes, just like music.  Or color.  The energy that such beings are, nourishes you.

The people, animals, places, objects you’ve met, or worked with, or encounter on social media or TV who make you feel angry, afraid, who make your belly tighten up, who make you feel smaller or violent, are beings whose vibrational frequencies are dissonant, destructive to your frequency.

It’s just that simple.  In relationships, physical differences are trivia — interesting, useful, helpful, but trivia.  The physical is surface, Third Dimensional, a costume we’re wearing.  The quality of the energy is the essence., our multi-Dimensional selves, our spiritual selves.  Similarities attract, understand each other, give each other a place of peace, freedom, fun and supportiveness.  Home.  So the only thing that really matters about what you put into your life is frequency, how relaxed and happy you feel when you’re around others.   Support your right to live in joy — choose beings and objects which nourish you.

I fly with the wings you help me open.  You fly with the wings I help you open.



Ready — Set — Start, again.

How to do intentions,

some of which are called “resolutions”

Good ‘ol New Year resolutions, eh?!  Sometimes they just sort of disappear, don’t they?

That’s okay.  It’s okay to get bored, to forget, to change our minds, to change our goals.  All that is part of the glorious interwoven fabric of the fascinating and beautiful being we are.  It’s okay to toss resolutions, as long as we don’t choose to feel guilty about it.  Guilt rends the fabric.  Toss, and be proud that we are growing and becoming.

I never make New Year resolutions because the Gregorian calendar has nothing to do with me.  My year begins on my birthday, when the energies of who I am are beginning again, are strong and optimistic again, and my world is brand new and ready to manifest new ideas.

So I make birthday intentions.  They tell me to think lovingly and caringly about who I am and how I want to blossom.

Usually I form only two or three big, shining, wondrous, visualized intentions.  Since I’ve thought about them and felt about them for a couple of months, I really have already opened those pathways, in my brain, in my heart, in the direction of my life.

Intentions.  “I intend to…”  “I intend to be…”  “I intend that I shall…”  Those statements within me do express what I want, as resolutions also do.  But intentions seem to me to be deeper, more intense, more meaningful than usual resolutions.  “I intend to be…”  Strong!  Purposeful!  Filled with desire, and love for me, and love for how I show up in the world.

Yes!  The dream I have of me, the dream I live for me.  Getting from the me who is one bud, to the me I intend to be as a colorful, blossoming garden!

Ever notice that almost everything on Earth takes time?  Well, except lightning, and falling in love at first sight.  Intentions take time to manifest, take time to become part of who we live ourselves to be every day, take time to make themselves snuggle into every cell.

Take the time to become our intention.  Allow ourselves to become bored, or want more, or tweak the intention until it feels like a really good fit.  Take time to let us become who we want to be.  Nourish and nurture how we see ourselves.  Cherish who we are and who we are becoming.

Treat ourselves with gentleness, with kindness.  There’s time to grow into our intentions.  And while we’re doing that, we can pat ourselves on the back a thousand times a day, in praise and love, for how well we’re learning to tend our inner garden grow.


Peace: It’s Always A Choice

The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them. – Isaiah 11:6

Change and become like little children…  –  Matthew 18:3

Rewrite your definitions of how people should be together.

Rewrite your belief about having to be right.

Change the programming you grew up with, the programming in our culture.

When we do, we can release the knot in our belly, the tightness in our chest, the fear in our mind of running into someone.

Choose kindness — it’s so relaxing!  Kindness to ourselves first will create a light in us, a lightness of heart, a lightness of belly and chest and beliefs.

We can rewrite our story of who we are.  It’s fully in our own power.  It’s what we can choose to be, in our belly, in our heart, in our private, secret image of ourselves.

We can choose to change from expecting trouble, to expecting welcoming.  When we do this, watch how people change toward us!  They’re getting their cue about how to treat us by the relaxed energy we radiate from us to them.

We change from being on the defensive, to being on the edge of happy laughter.  We can choose to see life as play.

We can believe that the Universe is on our side, has our back, and is keeping us safe.  We can choose to dance and sing in our hearts and minds.

Change and become like little children — who live to play, who live to dance and sing in their hearts and minds and bodies.

Do we deserve less?  Never!

Peace can be our choice.  Every season, every day, every moment.  Beauty, love, kindness, caring, compassion — for ourselves first, then we will have all that loveliness to give to others.



Doesn’t that look easy?  Could it really be that easy to do, to change an attitude, an expectation, an assumption, a belief?  To really change a way of being?


Okay, how?

By choosing.

This is the planet of free will.  We are the beings capable of constant self-expression.  And thus, we choose.  Every moment of our lives, we choose to like or dislike, to feel loving and warm or fearful and cold, to give or withhold, to enjoy or ignore or complain.

Choice.  It’s always ours.

Okay, if we want to choose to be lighter, more graceful, more compassionate, more merry, how do we do it?

First we ground.  In our last essay here titled “Grounding”, we figured out the easiest and most enjoyable way to do this.  So we know why and how how to ground.

Then we remember that all ideas and “outside” help come from “up there, out there” which we discussed in our very first essay here titled “Up There, Out There”.  So we know where to ask for help.

And — this is very important — we must remember that the things that seem so difficult to change in us, may be leftover beliefs and patterns from other lifetimes.  We looked at that in great depth in the essay here titled “What Do You Remember?”  So now we know that we may be dragging old, useless baggage with us, and the attitudes, expectations, assumptions and beliefs we’d like to change now may have come from another time, other circumstances.  And we no longer benefit from them, so we’re ready to change them.  So we know that now we are an independent agent, always painting a new picture in which to live.

Than we relax.  Look at those lovely animals in our essay here titled “Stress Management 101”.  Be like them.  Chill.



Ask up-there for help.

And choose.

Choose one thing at a time that we want to change.  Just one.  More than that and we’ll trip over the debris!  Just one keeps the picture we want to paint clear, simple, attractive, achievable.

Choose.  Choose to be what prefer to be.  Put it into words.

Don’t word-up what we don’t want to be.  The less we put our energy on what we don’t want, the less that trait will show up.

To choose well, to choose strongly, to choose happily with intention, put our energy on what we want to be.  Put it into a sentence in the present tense.

“I am patient.”

“I am kind.”

“I have a merry sense of humor.”

“I enjoy the interesting new things that pop into my life to help me grow.”

Speak your sentence out loud.  What we say out loud becomes our reality.  Use your voice to shape your life.

Then make a picture of that idea in the mind.

Say the sentence and see the picture at the same time.

Do this every day for five or ten minutes, alone, quietly, with no interruptions, just you with you and the up-there.  Five minutes a day.  We can do that.

The sentence is an affirmation.  It’s also a prayer.  The picture is clarity, intention.  The Universe will get your message and your Spirit Guides and Angels will understand clearly how They can help you.  And They will help you to become that which you are intending and affirming.

Humans seem to benefit best from 21 days of repetition to end something old, or to start something new.  Try it.  Don’t worry if it seems to be taking longer for that specific intention, because while we’re working on that one, other lovely, expansive changes will begin in us and we will be aware of them.  We’ll find ourselves laughing more, smiling more, becoming gentler and stronger at the same time, and more relaxed about just being us.

Choose.  It works.  What we choose and what we put our energy and attention to is what we draw to us.  True true true.  We can achieve what we direct our energy to.  Or as our moms said, “Practice”.



We are celestial. Spirit. Spiritual beings. We are of Up There, Out There. We came here to have a physical, human experience, an adventure, and to learn, to find out who we are and who we are capable of being. Spiritual beings having a human experience.

And so we are also of Earth. We signed up eagerly to do this human life thing. We slipped on this cloak of flesh and bones, thoughts and feelings.

And while we are visiting and experiencing here, Earth who gave us these bodies — Earth loves us. We are here to partake of the deliciousness of bodily, Earthly life.

Earth loves us. She is eager to nurture us and help us along, with air, food, stability, beauty, color, music, nature, comfort, expansion of consciousness.

Earth loves us. And when we fly too high, or sink too low, or stagnate, Earth always offers herself, like the true mother she is, to steady us, relieve us, help us up, help us feel worthy and full and light.

She is there to help us ground. We live here. We partake here. And so we are part of Earth. When we need help, we ground.

What Does “Grounding” Mean?

It means anchoring ourselves, anchoring our being, into the Earth who loves us. We attach ourselves to her, and thus have a place to be, to be held and to be safe. Earth is safe harbor.

Getting There: How to Ground

Be Tree. I think that this is the simplest and fastest way to anchor your being into the Earth. Be Tree. Be large Tree, here for ages, wise and strong, Tree who knows well the ways of the forest and the faeries and the Earth.

You can be a fanciful tree, if you like, a tree where foxes live and forest sprites meet to chat.

From your feet, in your mind grow roots, a long, strong, thick root system. Your roots are powerful and can reach forever.

Grow your roots down through the floor, the land under the building you’re in, the crust of the Earth, the layers under the crust, and finally to the center of Earth, the heart of living Gaia.

Yes, that’s molten, but you are in control of this trip so you can see the brightness of burning, flowing lava and not feel the heat. Your long, beautiful roots feel the warmth of Gaia’s heart, and it warms your feet.

The warmth, lit by a clear, calm red stream of light, travels up your roots, into your feet, your legs, your torso, and warms your body.

Feel your roots and the new warmth. Know that Earth loves you, that she is holding you steady and stable, and that you are in safe harbor.

Now you can reach out and stretch your branches and twigs and leaves, and you can do what you came into this stillness of Earth to do. Release anger and stress. Make sorrow melt away. Dissipate like dust confusion, frustration, impatience, boredom. Clear your mind, clear your feelings and your mood, let comfort and safety wash through you, let joy and love become you. Explore your imagination, explore the Universe.

Coming Back

When you have calmed your feelings, or when you are ready to come back from the explorations of your mind, remember your roots.

Feel your roots. In your mind, see your sweet, beautiful roots. In your mind, see your attention travel up your roots, into the tree trunk you are, up into your feet, up your legs, back into your body. And here you are again! Earthling, not- Earthling. Spirit residing in a body. Back in the room in which you started. Open your eyes. Ahh home!

What did you see? What did you uncover about yourself? Notice how much more relaxed you feel.

You can take this trip into Earth and into your mind any time you want to sit or lie down for a little while. Well, any time except when you’re driving, of course!

Grounding gets you there, Out There, Up There, into the Universe. And keeps you safe on Earth.

Be Tree. Look at how beautiful you are!


Stress Management 101

Warning: Do not look at this while driving

Guess what? There is no law of the Universe that says we must check our phone, or feeds, or emails, or TV, or any of it. Do you recognize that all that clamor is seduction, enticing us to choose someone else’s side, someone else’s argument, someone else’s life?

Whose life is it anyway? This is our life. We are entitled to — no, we have the obligation to — live our lives in joy, delight, peacefulness, happiness.

That means we get to decide what delights us and then choose to live with only that, as much as possible. And we get to refuse to pay attention, as much as possible, to the stuff that makes us feel worried, scared, angry, judgmental, critical, powerless, not-enough, helpless.

Yes, we can — we really can! — stop paying attention to input that diminishes us. All we have to do is choose.

Pay the bills then release them from the mind, eat, sleep — and the rest of it is play.

We can make the choice to spend the time of our lives, the energy of our lives, nourishing ourselves with input that makes us laugh, and smile, and feel glad to be alive, and feel glad to be us.

We can choose input that helps us remember that we are beings of beauty and brilliance, benevolence and bravery.

Our Guides will help us to know the difference between the nourishing stuff and the diminishing stuff. They’ll help us recognize the icky feeling in our gut and the tensed muscles in our abdomen when we pay attention to what diminishes us. And They’ll help us recognize the relaxed, smooth feeling in our gut and our abdomen when we are feeding ourselves input that makes us feel wonderful.

Try it. Trust your body and trust your Guides to help. Trust the Universe to guide.

Breathe.. Relax. Trust. Choose happiness.

Even the Buddha takes a time-out. If the Buddha can tune out this well, and trust this much that Life will take care of the world, can we do less for ourselves?

Our natural condition, our divine presence in Life, is relaxation and delight, sweetness and trust. We can be that. All we have to do is set our intention to be that, and trust.

Breathe. Relax. Let go. Sit down. Be quiet. Be still. Be with our wonderful self.

Know that our Higher Self, Source, the Universe, our cosmic family — have our back. We are in good hands, and wings.


What Do You Remember?

The fragrances of ancient memories
that you see in your dreams

We never forget, not really.
We bring it all with us, always, all the lifetimes we’ve lived, all the talents, all the memories, the definitions and assumptions and expectations we’ve developed. The emotions we felt. The beliefs we held. They languish and lurk, deep within our souls and our bodies. because our bodies express in manifested energy who we are in potential energy.

When we travel we take with us everything we expect to need. In the same way, every time we start a new incarnation, those impressions and memories, emotions and beliefs are the baggage our soul and our body bring, to show us the ways in which we have become exquisitely skilled, and the ways in which we choose to learn, this time, to be more than we used to be, by growing past our former limiting beliefs that we brought with us.

Sometimes we now live the expressions of those beliefs, those definitions, those expectations — openly, clearly, being a musician or a healer or a carpenter at last.

Sometimes we love now a color, a texture, a feeling, not knowing that it has brought with it the ancient fragrance of memory, something learned long agg. Something loved or feared in the used-to0be, that came with us now to help us be loving or fearful and thus strengthen, by choice, the kind of person we want to be.

We are everything we have ever been, even if we don’t remember. And that brilliant, massive store of experiences and wisdom comes with us to help us become more than we have ever been, everything we want to be this time.

The expanding Me. In the expanding Universe. Ancient. Forever new.

A goddess? My sister? Me? I see the shining beauty of the bronze skin, the dark dark eyes…

Grandmother is so elegant, so fierce. She taught me to laugh, and choose wisely.

After birdsong, and the voice of my beloved, this slow, soft, scruffy rhythmic sound of the Buddhist monk’s twig broom is my favorite sound on Earth. Am I remembering something, some time?

I remember the smell of the stone, the stony silent smell. As I walk away after prayer, the wind whips the skin on the back of my neck, in this land that grows stones. Why do I know that County Sligo in Ireland grows stones?

He meditates with me every day, my friend Heron. Or do I dream this?

Why did I become a geologist? Or an archaeologist? A painter? A gardener? A real estate agent? A reader of science fiction?

Feeling most free, I dream of my horses, and we ride in love and endlessness together.

Why was it so easy in this incarnation for me to learn the Japanese language, to enfold myself into Japanese culture, to keep it all interwoven in my life long, long after I changed my life from Japanese to American?

The disciplined silence. The ancient fragrance of the oakwood pews. The feel of the marble floors under my sandals. The faint, persistent aroma of frankincense and myrrh that I can quickly bring to memory… The silence…

Do I befriend the stranger? Do I teach him? Do I play with him? Yes. The better path is always kindness.

Why do I insist on hoping to be excellent? Did I achieve that, in some ways once upon a time? Am I looking to bring in those threads again, into the fabric of my life this time? Will I succeed? Do I remember that I, and I alone, am the one who chooses how I am to be?

While some people are drawn to a spare, smooth, linear look, I hum in my mind every time I see the dancing beauty of the mosaic, the intricate, the small repetitive movements…

Home. I belong somewhere… Where? Not here? Someplace blue and bright? Home… where are you?

Small sailing prayers twirling to the touch of my hand, leaping into the chill morning air, flying up into the cosmos — whisper my wish to the ear of Creation. I hear the wood prayer whells turning on wood spindles, clunkety clunk. Do I remember this? Is this why now I always run my hand along symmetrical fences and arranged stones and the bricks of buildings? Is my soul sending silent prayers into the air, for me?

Maybe you are happiest when you are barefoot. Could this be because you are remembering those incarnations when you grew spiritually, emotionally? And now when you are barefoot you feel calm and contented, connected to Earth. You know you belong in your life… Hmmm…

Do you feel most expansive, most comforted, most humming in your heart, in a place like this? Do you feel the beautiful, nourishing embrace of the ocean around your mind? Do you know your soul remembers that, once upon an incarnation, you discovered endlessness in blue? And you are still enchanted…

I must remember that I am always so much more than I remember I am. I have more knowings inside me than I can explain. I have more help outside there than I can see. I can be what I dream of being! I can choose to be a person I would love to love. I can choose to be the most shining being I can imagine. I can be my dream of who I am. I can live my dream of me. I can! I will! I am!

I can do it. I can be it. I can fly.


Up There, Out There

Where do babies come from?

Where does light come from?

Where do extraterrestrials come from?

Where do UFO spaceships come from?

Where do our power animals come from?

Where do dragons come from?

Where do dreams come from?

Where do angels and archangels come from?

Where do gods come from?

Where do other deities come from?

Where do our spirit guides come from?

Where do faeries and elves and sprites come from?

Where do uplifting, expansive, change-the-world ideas come from?

Where do creativity and artistry come from?

Where do love and compassion, kindness and gentleness come from?

Where do we come from?

Where are we going?

What if everything is made of thoughts and desires and stardust?  And what if everything could go with their best friend on an adventure past the planets, slip through the heliopause and out beyond our solar system into the rest of the Universe, on a journey that would last five billion years?

Sail on, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 made of thoughts and desires and stardust. Sail on to seek and find and endlessly become.  Say “Hi!” to Source for us.

We’ll catch up with you when we’ve completed our learning and healing and becoming and having fun here.

We’ll catch up with you when we remember that  thought and desire created everything, and that our own thoughts and our own desires create everything.

“Being The Song” from

© 2019 I Am The Song by Lora McHenry

Published by 7 Stones Publishing LLC

Hello?  Hello?  It’s me.  I’d like to ask for guidance…