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1 question of yours explored in detail.

The Universe’s message to you in sharp focus.  Just send me an email below to set up an appointment.

Yes, the Universe and I use ordinary playing cards to speak to you.

One day in Spring, the Universe advised me to put this description of me on my business card, so I did:  “listener to the music of the Universe”.  Nice, eh?  Music is energy…  Listening is energy.  Advising is energy.

Another way to say the description is that I am dancing with the Light, as someone once told me.  Dancing is energy.  Light is energy.  Being is energy.  What you’re doing right now — thinking — is energy.  Everything is energy — the grass, the stars, consciousness, laughter, love, healing, remembering, planning, learning, giving, receiving.  Everything is energy…

Choosing to be an instrument of the energy that is divine love and healing in the world — this is what I do.  For this I came.

I love communicating with Spirit, and receiving messages of guidance from Spirit, for the benefit of my clients, most of whom are humans and some of whom are cats, dogs, birds, horses, fish, trees, and assorted other physical manifestations of the energy called consciousness.

As a psychic medium, I provide psychic readings for clients, often using ordinary playing cards, personal objects or auras as tools, to help clients expand their vision of themselves and their lives.

My work as a Reiki Master, in multiple modalities, offers my clients a clear pathway between them and the love and light of the divine, to improve those aspects of their lives which are available for improvement.

I provide in-person and in-fur sessions, as well as distance sessions, for humans, animals and plants.

Love is eternal.  When a living or a departed pet wants to send a message to their companion human, Spirit can send the message through me.  Sometimes the spiritual energy presence of Power Animals and animal Guardian Spirits will come through to speak to clients, letting them know they can always call upon the strength and wisdom of the Spirit animals.  Furry work!

Through such experiences, clients can deepen and increase their understanding of who they are, what life is, why they came into this incarnation, and how to achieve a more relaxed and joyous life.

Please note:

To ensure everyone’s safety, I’m in the process of converting to online-only Reiki sessions and psychic reading sessions.  Everything is energy, after all, and energy exists and moves without physical limitations.  So I can “read” a client just as easily a thousand miles away as sitting right next to me.

In the meantime, we can do phone sessions for readings or Reiki, for clients with opposable thumbs and for those without.  Please check my Sessions section below and send me an email.