“What’s your sign?”

Words are your intentions set to music.

Words are magic!

Words change everything…  If you’re not sure that’s true, try this.  Tell someone you love them, or you like them, or you admire them, or you have so much fun with them, and watch your relationship light up!

Words are the instrument by which we tell the Universe what we want, and what we want to be.  Words, in our minds, spoken by others, read on a page, are often the instrument by which the Universe sends Its guidance and grace to us.

Changing the world, one word at a time!  This is what I do.  For this I came.

Float with me, fly with me, through ideas and imagery and feelings, through discovering yourself and dreaming yourself to be more.

Expand the you that you know, experience a you who’s more.  Blossom like a garden!  See yourself in a new mirror.  Watch yourself become luminous laughter and light!

Dust off that wild, shining vision of you that you knew when you were a child, the vision of You The Magnificent who can change the world!  Find your infinite, powerful, beautiful self.

Ride through words with my Guides and me into the music and brilliance of who you truly, divinely ares.

Have fun with me and my Spirit Writing Team!  One of Them is a magnificent ancient Egyptian deity, another is a talkative Hyacinth Macaw, and yet another is an exquisite, elegant alliterater!  Float!  Fly!  On the wings of words…  Join the magic.  Be your magic!

My current book, I Am The Song, is a dance-party of almost 100 short stories, showing how we can identify the guidance and love that the Universe is offering to us every day.  The book progresses from just noticing the “amazing coincidences” that pop up in our lives, through learning how to understand and explain the sweet, divine meaning in the unusual that happens, through participating in communication with the Universe.

I Am The Song

I Must Be A Mushroom is my magical, mystical,  merry blog!  It lives (and grows in the dark of night! when you’re not looking!) in this website.  You have to go there to find out where that title came from!  The blog is the Universe expressing Itself in Its infinite goofiness and guidance and grace.

I Must Be A Mushroom

As a clairvoyant psychic and medium, I use cards as a tool to focus messages from the Universe to my clients, so I’m a cartomancer.   I write a column for the quarterly The Cartomancer Magazine.  Using playing cards that we all know, I describe the guidance that the Universe wants to tell the readers of the magazine.

The Cartomancer Magazine